Game Art and UI

In game art and UI assets from a few games that I have worked on. Some of these games have been released and some never made it to the public eye. However, they have all been fun to work on.

Senior Game Artist

In Game Art and UI

Squid Pops-Splash and Game screen

Flappy Pong-Splash and Game screen

Kaiju Stack

Space Invaders-Leaderboard and Level Up screen

Game Pieces

Kiwi Run-Background

Kiwi Run-Game Pieces

Kiwi Run-Game Pieces

Zombie Farm Battles

Zombie Farm Battles- Chapter Icons

Eat Eat Hooray

Zombie Farm 2-Background Image

Zombie Farm 2-Isometric Crops

Perfect Getaway-UI popup

Perfect Getaway-UI icons

Currency Icons

Snake Heads

Everwing-Clan Icons