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Full name

Bessie Chiu


Associate Art Director


I think I spend more time playing with my dog than drawing ^^


Art Outsource Manager/ Associate Art Director

Playco · 2020

-Manage 2D/3D outsource pipeline-gather daily deliverables and work with the Art Director and in house artists to provide accurate feedback to the vendors. Communicate the feedback clearly through written descriptions and draw overs
-Keep track of the vendor timeline and push assets through to meet goals.
-Update Asana and maintain tickets
-Asset management-check all assets are delivered, organized, documented and to spec
-Documentation-maintain and create style guides, spreadsheets and process documentation
-Understand a game’s style and requirements and guiding vendors to meet the team’s vision
-Work with in house and outsource team in tandem to hit tight deadlines
-Set up art tests for vendors
-Maintain art quality-fixing issues and maintaining quality across all assets

Senior Game Artist

Playco/Game Closure

2013 – 2020

-Take ownership of a game from concept to production phases, including the creation of color keys, character conception, user interfaces, marketing art and game asset
-Work with engineers on best practices to implement art

Art Outsource Manager

Concept Art House

2013 – 2013

-Work with vendors to understand art requirements, and style
-Translate feedback from vendors to in house artist in China
-Review purchase orders, contracts and budget estimates
-Paint over, animate and fix deliverables

Game Artist

Playforge Games

San Mateo, CA · 2011 – 2013

-Primary UI and concept artist for Zombie Farm Battles, Zombie Farm 2 and Eat Eat Hooray
-Art creation: illustrate and vector in game assets, UI assets, and marketing art
-Animation: flash animation for in game art assets and FX animation for UI
-UI: mockups, concepts and document specs

Flash Vector Artist

Perfect World Entertainment

Foster City,CA · 2010 – 2011

-Responsible for creating, animating, and optimizing UI elements, world and avatar assets
-Concept and create single and multi-tile assets in isometric view
-Rig and animate avatars animation and create blueprint for all avatar clothing.
-Manage art team in Shanghai, China



California College of the Arts



Game Art


Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Blender (basic knowledge)